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Singer | Songwriter | Composer

In 2006, Emile Welman established himself as a musical force when he co-founded the South African a
cappella band, Overtone. A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Emile became known locally for his
smoldering good looks and amazing vocal range as the lead-singer and frontman of the band.

It wasn’t much longer before Overtone, and Emile, experienced an international break.

In early 2009, Overtone performed a Queen tribute show in Cape Town, South Africa. As luck would have it,
Dina Eastwood, wife of legendary actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood, was in the audience.

Enamored with Emile’s exceptional vocals and the band’s powerful presence, Dina brought them to the attention
of husband Clint, then filming his 2009 film Invictus. Mr. Eastwood was also impressed, tapping the band for
numerous tracks to his rugby film, including the standout “9,000 Days,” co-written and performed by Welman.
Overtone then got into promotion of the film, performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show
with Craig Ferguson, and Lopez Tonight.

Dina Eastwood then decided to bring Emile and the group to Los Angeles, becoming the band’s manager.

While with Overtone, Emile worked with artists like Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron, hotelier Steve
Wynn, and musical icon Tony Bennett (who later compared Emile’s vocals to that of Frank Sinatra). Their past
stage performances include concerts with OneRepublic, Grammy Award-winner Corrine Bailey Rae, actor
Kevin Bacon, and producer David Foster. The band is also the proud recipient of several awards from South
Africa’s well known musical organization, VONK.

Focused on spreading word of their talent, Dina featured Welman and Overtone on her hit reality show Mrs.
Eastwood & Company in 2012, televised nationwide on the E! Network. Soon after the success of the show,
Emile committed himself to starting his solo career.

For his new project, Emile is focusing on hip-hop and R&B, but with a little twist, or rather, swing. His
crooning voice, ranging over three octaves, naturally lends itself to the jazz and swing eras. He’s planning on
making jazz popular again, but with a hip-hop/R&B influence. Emile is gearing up for his first single, “Love
Away,” scheduled for release in __, 2013 on iTunes.

Nearly 6’4” in height, an award-winning rugby player, known for his great looks, smooth vocals, and
commanding stage presence, Emile’s passion for music has earned him recognition and success and continues to
attract fans to his unique sound.


Twitter: @emilewelman


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